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Rajhans Prakashan.
First Edition : 2nd October 1987.
Third Edition : April 1994.
Fourth Edition : 12th September 1997.
Fifth Edition : December 1999.
Sixth Edition : December 2002.
Seventh Edition : September 2004.
Eighth Edition : February 2007.

A collection of selected articles originally written for a Marathi sports fortnightly, Ekach Shatkar, about the goings-on in the world of sports, with, an obvious predominance of cricket - the various debates, controversies, activities of sportspersons - both on'and off'-the field, with a tongue-in-cheek sarcasm in the inimitable Prabhavalkar style. Won the Maharashtra State Award for the best humorous literature 


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Vishwamohini Publication.
First Edition : 5th May 1993.
Second Edition : 28th March 1998.

Rajhans Prakashan.

Third Edition : January 2007.
Fourth Edition : January 2008.

A collection of short stories written between 1980 1986 for various magazines. Though written over this span of time, the common thread that binds these is the element of situational humour and the naive characters in each of these, reminiscent of the P.G. Wodehousian style, which has admittedly been one of Prabhavalkar's literary influences. Awarded the Vee. Ma. Dee. Puraskar, Pune.


Kaagdi Baan

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Prabhat Prakashan.
First Edition :  19th February 1994.
Second Edition  : April 1995.
Third Edition  :  July 1998.

Rajhans Prakashan.

Fourth Edition :  January 2007.

A collection of articles written for a weekly column of the same name, in the Marathi eveninger, Mahanagar. Typically based on current topics, especially, ones dear to the average middleclass Maharashtrian heart.The book won the Maharashtra State C.V.Joshi award for humorous literature for 1994-93.


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Prabhat Prakashan.
First Edition :  May 1994.
Second Edition :  February 1997.

Akshar Prakashan.

Third Edition :  June 2007.

A collection of articles written in various publications about people, portrayals and other experiences - some from the world of showbiz, some from private life - but all very personal and intimate, from the unique viewpoint of Dilip Prabhavalkar.


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